"We are making photographs to understand what our lives

mean to us " . -Ralph Hattersley-



Nice to meet you


My name is Erika Brouwer. I come from a small village south of Slovakia. In 2007 I met my greatest love Jeroen in Austrian Alps. After a year of dating between the Netherlands, Ireland and Slovakia, I moved to the Netherlands. We live in Delft together with our three children and three cats.


Love for photography


Photography has been my great passion for a long time. I take pictures of our daily life, for our children to see what our life was like, what did we do, how did we celebrate parties and holidays.

For my family I make a large photo album with hundreds of photos every year. What a treat to watch it every time.

In 2015 I started as an independent photographer, to capture precious memories for mijn klanten.


After my own children were born, I went further into photography of newborns. I love babies and I am extremely grateful and proud to serve people at this time in their lives.



"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little ".

-Jon Kabat-Zinn-



Fun facts about me

I am a romantic dreamer, animal and nature lover, I like to bake delicious cakes for and with my children. I like hiking in the mountains, cycling, yoga. Harry Potter books are my all time favorite. Romantic comedies and fantasy movies will make my day.


Giving back to community


Since the beginning of 2019, I've been working for the Earlybirds Foundation, making photo reportages  of premature babies in the hospital. For many parents, this photo shoot is a valuable memory, allowing them to look back at an emotional and sometimes difficult period. I think it is very special to be able to do this.








— Leila 

what incredibly beautiful pictures. I am so grateful to you.The result is so much better than I ever dreamed. really beautiful pictures